the EXOTICA of Nu NuLAX NuLAN@ NUCD1911@
\2000- (tax outj





  1. [Brazil] a Circle with the Unknown Buddy Break^Dj*Chola meets H=N=D
    Individual Dj*Chola which came from France. H=N=D arranges gallantly Œϋ‹Υ which he played with the flavor of DURAN DURAN. Welcome to sporty and strange country"Brazil"! written by Arie Barrosso, Duran Duran produced by Chola Culture Club additional remix production by H=N=D (Homosexual Napalm Dad) jew's harp, electronics: Chola @electronics, turntables: Vinylman (H=N=D) whistle, kettle, bucket, guitar, electronics: Alan Folkroe (H=N=D)

  2. Tired Fingers^Kill!
    Assassin group of Jazz on which it pounces from the street corner in Chicago! As for an exotic break beet, a finger also gets tired. Recorded at Dog Patch Studios (a hot summer box at North and Ashland), Chicago, 1996. written, produced by Kill! percussion: L.V.Washington guitar: Barrett Heaton sax: Krust vox: borrowed from the street and fm radio, and a self-hypnotist

  3. Stone God^Mammoth Barometer
    This is where. It is enclosed by the stone statue of the Buddha of 50,000 bodies, and does not have no room to maneuver. The rotating thinking is to that direction of Hip Hop which got sick. written, produced by *S bass, guitar, electronics, turntables: *S drums: Knock vox: Alan Folkroe

  4. I won't what I don't want [Com.atanic’†porno*Shexper.Cafe]
    Xper.Xr. meets Satanicpornocultshop meets Com.a
    Remix of [I won't what I don't want] taken from Xper.Xr. & Satanicpornocultshop's forthcoming album. also, this track is based on Com.a's new song "Hallcination Acid Monster!!!!!(Satanicpornocultshop remix)". written by someone else produced by Xper.Xr. additional remix production by Satanicpornocultshop vox, guitar, drum programming: Xper.Xr. vox: Frederique electronics: Age Yoshida (Com.a) vox, kettle, bucket, electronics: Alan Folkroe vox, kazoo: *S vox: Makoto "ASTROID" Nakata (Subject Records) additional electronics: Franz Eto (Electric Cafe) Xper.Xr.( Com.a( ASTROID(

  5. LOST in MONGOL^Dj*Chola
    Mongol? Where is Mongol? Are you Mongol? Is Mongol delicious? Mongol travel of the mystery which goes with Dj*Chola Byoooon produced by Chola Culture Club all instruments by Chola

  6. das massmedium^Unipue Skeleton
    εv’Ž and what that come out of ASSHOLE very much. It is wise and there is much ‹S called the little offense party with the sufficient point It will be because something gave poison into agricultural products by the love camp unit and this incurred the grudge of “y‘° et al. εv’Ž and often. One of the YOTA talks of typical white ’s, a YOKEYOKE district famous for an ISOPPIN Cossack. written by Holger Czukay produced by Unipue Skeleton vox, drums: Knock vox: *S vox: Ike-Chan vox, turntables: Vinylman guitar, electronics: Franz vox, trumpet: Jet Set Ishizaka vox, kazoo, whistle, kettle, bucket, electronics: Alan Folkroe

  7. LONG RIDER^Juicy, Knock & Mama
    Afternoon. It was a promise that he met a stark-naked priest today. When it went into slow rider's cafe in the town of a rainbow, stark nakedness had taken down the waist for the unsuitable smile and the sofa deeply in a seat at the very back. written, produced by Juicy, Knock & Mama Juicy, Knock & Mama(

  8. ƒQ[ƒgƒ{[ƒ‹‹δŠy•”‚Μ‰S^Sekiden Cowju
    Reach the seat of ‚ƒ‚‚— at tribe of the Sun. –q_ is still in a floor. He has no sign all that rises and strives for work. The voice of the wife who wakes him up in a job is already also nothing. Family dispersion. Breath dragon nucleic acid. It was a sign of conversion is also nothing to a paradigm. written, produced by Sekiden Cowju vox, guitar: Sekiden Cowju

  9. B's Anal-na Slippy's^Barrett Heaton meets Lisa Tani
    The publication theft enterprise of Japan formed newly at the end of the 19th century is feeling to already come out of even to a trip of wandering half a year. Real-time MD weave of [BANANA SPLIT] taken from Satanicpornocultshop's album "Nirvana or Lunch? (NUCD1999)". written by Jacques Duvall, Jay Alanski produced by Barrett Heaton electronics, noise: Barrett Heaton vox: Lisa Tani Barrett Heaton(

  10. Escaleras De La Carcel (Prison Stairways)^Los Gatos
    Is it powerful? I am powerful. Good-bye, the 20th century. Although severe business environment continues, the year of this new century opening is praying that it becomes the year of a leap new for a new generation. produced by Tony De La Rasa & Hajime Matsui a/k/a/ Santa vox: Adan De La Rosa & Keiichi "Spock" Tanaka bass: Jimmy Bejarano Jr. drums: Robert Riojas recorded at Hacienda Recording Studio, Corpos Cristi, Texas
    engineered by Rick Garcia

  11. Soul Nude^Ben-Haaaaaa
    Ben-Haaaaaa is the ghost, which haunts the scene of all recording failure.

  12. ‚±‚ί‚©‚݂̏­—^Unipue Skeleton
    The homeless clothed on the body are knocking the anger without reliance, and a bad smell with ? or the stick of which children young and helpless were deprived. However, it is such a thing and it is said that how many persons can push down. A guerrilla performance in somewhere in Osaka-Castle, Osaka, 2001. written, produced by Unipue Skeleton acoustic-guitar: *S electric-guitar: Franz vox: Alan Folkroe djambe: Zoe

  13. I won't what I don't want [Cholatanipornocultshexper]
    Xper.Xr. meets Satanicpornocultshop meets Dj*Chola
    To play with daughters young occasionally in the sands, and to bite sand, laugh, and carry out a rock-n-roll party. Disagreeableness, an honest place to carry out. But it is until it does not carry out stripes and it wins. remix of [I won't what I don't want] taken from Xper.Xr. and Satanicpornocultshop's forthcoming album. written by someone else produced by Xper.Xr. additional remix production by Chola vox, guitar, drum programming: Xper.Xr. vox: Frederique vox, kettle, bucket, electronics: Alan Folkroe @@@electronics: Chola ”ͺ”φ‚Μ’©‹gij ‘“ŒŒυij

  14. “S–CŒ’^lŠΤƒƒPƒbƒg meets Unipue Skeleton
    It is the love alder test which will have been irritated by the east brain not sleeping for one week any longer if the RUN hair of boast which made question mark do a handstand is fluttered in the evening wind of winter and you walk with MII - N. He is going to pass by girl like the eye of a deer who walks from before now. written by Syunsuke Kikuchi produced by Takemi Ikeda and Unipue Skeleton guitar: Takemi Ikeda pistol: Jiro Tamiya trumpet: Jet Set Ishizaka kazoo, vox: *S electronics, piano, drums, vox, turntables, kazoo: Alan Folkroe lŠΤƒƒPƒbƒg(

  15. Bitch's blow^Universal Soldier
    It held down to the young men who held the fork guitar, and attached and dried in them, and an appearance of a head generation licks the ground of the New Year, and continued appealing against a "one nation undershirt the groove" powerless. written, produced by Universal Soldier romance of all nude: Matsumoto nasty-guitar, vox: Okada jealous-electronics, vox: *S amazing guest singer: Alan Folkroe (Unipue Skeleton) Blow Jobittp://j

  16. NEO TERROR's “V_ANTHEM mix#2^Electric Cafe meets Neo Terror M.S. meets Dj*Koyama
    Remix of [ele-pop] taken from Electric Cafe's album "Song from Distant Mars (NUCD2002)"
    this track is based on "Neo Terror's “V_ANTHEM mix", "ele-pop, Neo Terror M.S. remix ", "Any Color You Like (by Sayoko Daisy)" and radio program "DJz IMPACT (FM-KENTO, 76.5MHz)". written, produced by Franz Eto, Sayoko Daisy, NeoTerror M.S. additional remix production by swedish™panic™porno vox, organ: Sayoko Daisy guitar, electronics, bass: Franz Eto nude romance narration (radio CM): Matsumoto (Universal Soldier) electronics: Neo Terror M.S. "DJz IMPACT" sound logo: Dj*Koyama (DJz IMPACT/Otoya Japan) management support and engender by Dj*Koyama (Otoya Japan) and Dj*Lucy (Otoya Japan) Otoya Japan(

  17. yOU DON'T HAVE TO BUy iT TO PLAy WiTH^D‚Š*Chola
    The –δ‹Λ type mockery ‰ΤŽD” sheets which amused themselves with the slave partner last night are scattered on the bed of “‘. the compass of the soul of –q_ which was distracted temporarily also recovering. It cannot recover the present condition What is wished is dishonor return. Smoking at back of a breast is •ηξ. Recorded live at softmap computer shop, Osaka, 2001-1-12. produced by Chola Culture Club all instruments by Chola (+ guests) Chola(

  18. ƒ†[ƒ‰ƒVƒA^lŠΤƒƒPƒbƒg
    A homey super-loud-sound wave is until it throws it to the west brain which does not reach an east brain first of all and it makes it feed back to the east of an anti-pole. written by Matsukiteku produced by Takemi Ikeda vox, student prince: Takemi Ikeda percussion: Ritsuko Nima

  19. comment te dire adieu?m*S remixn^Satanicpornocultshop
    The time at which nothing is with where and yet and which knocked at Mr. Summers's door by the mean manner so that Rodriguez (common-name pork) may grasp the handgun of 5 chome for the leg of Timba with example may be careful me "I thought" again. Remix of [comment te dire adieu?] taken from Satanicpornocultshop's album "Belle Excentrique (NUCD1919)".written by Jack Gold, Hanold Goland produced by Satanicpornocultshop additional remix production by *S (Universal Soldier) vox: Lisa Tani electronics, guitar: Alan Folkroe

  20. ƒSƒ“ƒhƒ‰‚Μ‰S^Sekiden Cowju
    The need to urine was memorized. It did so unreservedly this time. Outside is already in December. Among New York, as remembered, it is John's voice. War ended. We will already be prepared from such a thing. Shinpei Nakayama wrote this song in 1911. written by Shinpei Nakayama, Isamu Yoshii produced by Sekiden Cowju vox,guitar by Sekiden Cowju



Dj*Chola appears courtesy of 0, Osaka/Paris
Kill! appears courtesy of, New York/San Francisco
Xper.Xr appears courtesy of Vaseline Entertainment, Hong Kong/London
Com.a appears courtesy of Notekrec, Yokohama
Makoto "ASTROID" Nakata appears courtesy of Subject Records, Osaka
Barrett Heaton appears courtesy of, New York/San Francisco
Lisa Tani appears courtesy of Gator Wobble Records, Kyoto
Los Gatos appears courtesy of Gator Wobble Records, Kyoto/Texas
Juicy, Knock & Mama appears courtesy of QK Record, Kobe
NeoTerror M.S. appears courtesy of Otoya Japan, Niigata
Dj*Koyama appears courtesy of Otoya Japan, Niigata

executive producer: Alan Folkroe
compiled by Alan Folkroe, *S, Franz Eto and Takemi Ikeda
assistant engineered by Franz (Electric Cafe Fuck'in International)
mastered by Hajime Matsui (Gator Wobble Records)
project management by Luna Warmdreck (Mountassj, Viola iMountass)
art design by Vinylman (FF artworks)
cover photo collage by ChLAS MULiEN "A WONDERFUL TIME"

NUCD1911^Published C 2001 Nu NuLAX NuLAN^Manufactured by Nu NuLAX NuLAN^is Trademark^Warning: Realism is not so important in this situation. To accept information from the sweetest parts of unknown places should be what exoticism is all about. Exoticism must be intrigue for the "other", a longing for familiarity with something that is not yet human. The melodies we listen to for the first time, the unknown scenes conveyed by photographs or pictures, the story of strange lands that you might hear from a friend...the emotion evoked by them all should be what we call exoticism. When we meet something exotic, we are shocked by a confrontation with feelings never before experienced, and may react irrationally. The reason why people describe exotic music as "lewd" is due to a necessarily adverse psychological reaction.^Limited Edition of 300 copies^TAN-Q2LSTN, 1911






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