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By integrating Levi Straussf concept of ebricolagef (Tristes Tropiques, 1955) into hip-hop, the early duo comprised of Alan Folkroe and Ghammehuche cast the first stone of what was soon to become the surrealistic castle randomly named Satanicpornocultshop in 1997.

The first Satanicpornocultshop album voluptuously titled eNirvana or Lunch ?f, released on their own label NuNuLaxNulan in 1998, was followed by a series of participations in various compilations: Trip Trap, LD&K, Subject, etc. The Art of confusion already prevailing in their work, their third opus eBaltimore 72f (1999) was released before their second, eBelle Excentriquef (2000). Since then, the gangrenous music of Satanicpornocultshop has continued spreading over sick, developed countries by using the saturated communication networks and mastering the art of satire and remixes.

The second act of Satanicpornocultshop story opens with the sudden and symbolic death of Alan Folkroe in 2001. As Ghammehuche could not be left alone with his sheer schizophrenia and creative delirium, fellow members boarded the demonic vessel within a few months: Meu-Meu and his dubious performance style, *es the mixing master with nerves of steel, Vinylman turntable-ing with attitude and Ugh overusing electronics and puking MC skills. All together, they slowly moved Satanicpornocultshop from distorted and perverted collage territories to accumulation of sound layers pierced by one single beat, futuristic hip-hop and eroticization of sounds, eerotronicaf.

While Dada is the convenient hold all term used by music critics, the main players still think that the more accurate word of ebricolagef best defines their work. Satanicpornocultshop influences and productions are not limited to music and sounds; they boil over the borders of art, spilling ideas and images with a unique and grandiose disrespect.

In the end of 2001, Satanicporncultshop were invited to perform at the peak time glory of the Batofar club in Paris, opening their first collaboration with the label Sonore with their participation on the eBatofar Cherche Tokyof CD compilation. The first Tour de France was organized for Satanicpornocultshop, mesmerizing an incredulous audience with absurd performances. The next year, 2002, brought their fourth and glossily produced album eUgh Yoingf, released on NuNuLaxNulan.

Lisa from the band La Bossa, the hidden voice of Satanicpornocultshop, officially joined the gang in 2003 for the release of their fifth album eAnorexia Gas Balloonf on Sonore. They made their first Japan tour together with Sonore label mates Carl Stone, Yuko Nexus6, Satoru Wono, Hoppy Kamiyama and L?K?O. International listeners were increasingly becoming aware of the Satanicpornocultshop phenomenon, with eAnorexia Gas Balloonf getting reviews and airplay in Japan, Europe, US and Canada. The very same year, their killing cover of The Velvet Undergroundfs eCandy Saysf appeared on the UK Wire magazine compilation Wire Tapper 10 and they participated in the eMusic for Babiesf project from D*I*R*T*Y website in France.

A strenuous yearlong work was necessary in order to release their 6th rich and complex album eZap Meemeesf on Sonore in 2005. Like a twin, a lighter, pop and instantaneous 7th album eOrochi Under the Straight Edge Leavesf bloomed on the Polish Vivo label the same year. What other band could release a pop album on an indus/gothic Polish label? A Satanicpornocultshop tour de force!

In the end of 2005, they made their first European tour (Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy and France), climaxing at Praguefs Alternativa festival in front of a crowd of 800 enthusiastic and frenetic people. At the end of this successful tour, Meu-Meu quit the band leaving Lisa, *es, Vinylman and Ugh on a sore note.

2006 is definitely opening the third act of Satanicpornocultshop. First, they participate in the thematic Italian fashion magazine Uovo by providing a track for their ePinkf compilation. And they received the Digital Music Honorary Mention in Europefs prestigious PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA competition with "Zap Meemees". And they also received the Research of the electronic music Qwartz Awards in France. Two new members join the band : MC Frosen Pine with his unique mimic rhyme style, and the magic organist Nakagawa aka Liftman. They performed at the prestigious Cite de la Musique in Paris in June. They release ".aiff Skull EP" on Vivo Records, Poland.

In 2007, Satanicpornocultshop participates in WFMU radio program feature "Raymond Scott", and  "52 short weeks" by peppermill records, Canada. "Custom Drum Destroyer Remixes" is released from neji in April. In September, they participates "U Can' t Touch Dis:The New Asian Art "at ZONE:Chelsea Center for the Arts, New York. In October they performs to "The Third Mind" at Palais de Tokyo, Paris and "Experimentaclub07"., UK release tytle song from "Custom Drum Destroyer Remixes" in December.

In 2008. Release "Takusan No Ohanasan" in Vivo Records, Poland. Also featured on WFMU's "Beware of the Blog" in my "Vote for your favorite WFMU Myspace Friends" series and were voted a favorite band.

In 2009, "Closer ep (neji)" cutting from the compilation of Somme Bizzare Recordfs "Some Bizzare Double Album". In March, "Takusan No Osahanasan" is chosen as the best disk in 2008 that Macedonian music magazine Otsechka. In November, participates in the exhibition of artist Elisabeth Arkhipoff of the New York.

In 2010, January, elected Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band:THE SUN IS DOWN Top20 Winners remix competition. In March, release "Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos"  Some Bizzare, UK. In May, release "Catholic Sunspot Apron" in nunulaxnulan, Japan. In November, release "Kesalan Patharan ep" in upitup! Records, Italy.

In 2012, released "AtoZ!!!!!AlphabetBusterS!!!!! " - a
compilation album of the 44 juke/footwork/ghettotech tracks in the nine Satanicpornocultshop albums and singles: wipeout ep (neji, 2011), nuclear ep (neji, 2011), remake ep (neji, 2011), hellasick ep (bootytune, 2012), 7f inches or more...ep (neji, 2012), Salò o le 160bpm di Sodoma ep (neji, 2012), ani-Buddhis (neji, 2012), battle creek brawl (neji, 2012) and yudamen ep (neji, 2012).

A multiplicity of sound layers pierced by one single beat. That would be a simple definition to describe the complexity but straightforwardness of the music from this band from Osaka. However, there is no special Japanese flavor here, and it would be best if we could please once and for all retire these tired clich?s. Satanicpornocultshop is global, linked with their fellow collagists, plagiarists and other plunderphonist counterparts (Kurt Schwitters, Negativland, John Oswald, etc). Human absurdity and its results are their main influence: the Iraq body count, Bush re-election (How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?), a Japanese female worker trapped in a haunted hotel attraction in the Tokyo suburbs, the Creutzfeld-Jakob disease and its worldwide contagion, and so on...

When cutting worms and re-assembling them in a different order, do they still remain worms ?

Zap Meemees (SONORE, SON-22) 2005

Why make new music when everyday the industry discharges a discontinuous flow of spoiled idols and reanimated heroes? Re-using fragments from this huge musical garbage dump, it is possible to create new meanings and suddenly catch a glimpse of our modernity and its excesses. But it becomes difficult to judge where exactly the nonsensical aspect of this newly created music comes from. Is it really just because this type of new sound organization makes you feel funny? Or is it because we unexpectedly realize, by listening these bits of global collective unconsciousness scattered out of context, what kind of dumb mash the industry keeps feeding us.

Satanicpornocultshop chucks a puzzling, destabilizing and futuristic hip hop. One of the main features of this band is that they make music gush from the most arid field recording session. Give a Stanley knife or a red-bear shaped lighter to Ugh, and he?fll make it swing in a snap. Ugh is a real human sampler, a junk sound edit virtuoso. And that is undoubtedly Satanicpornocultshop main strength. Just ad to that an immense musical culture, a taste for ultimate groove and pop music satire, and you will have a pretty good idea of what makes that band so unique.

Satanicpornocultshop collective have been active since 1998 with their own label NuNuLAXNuLAN (blog) and CD-R sub-label NEJI. We hope that this collaboration with SONORE will bring them the audience that their musical creativity definitly deserves.
(Franck Stofer/Sonore)





1998 "Works of Flea"(Digitaloss com)

1998 "Nirvana or Lunch?"(Nu NuLAX NuLAN)

1999 "Baltimore1972"(Nu NuLAX NuLAN)

2000 "Belle Excentrique"(Nu NuLAX NuLAN)

2002 "Ugh Yoing" (Nu NuLAX NuLAN)

2002 "Sirocco"(Imprinting Norse Rerease)

2003 "Piss'en Ass - Piss Off@remixes"(neji)

2004 "Anorexia Gas Balloon"(Sonore)

2005 "Zap Meemees" (Sonore)

2005 "Orochi under the Straight Edge Leaves" (Vivo Records)

2007 "Custom Drum Destroyer remixes" (neji)

2008 "Takusan No Ohanasan" (Vivo Records)

2010 "Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos" (Some Bizzare)

2010 "Catholic Sunspot Apron" (Nu NuLAX NuLAN)

2012 "ani-buddhis" (neji)

2012 "Battle Creek Brawl" (neji)

2013 "AtoZ!!!!!AlphabetBusterS!!!!!" (Nu NuLAX NuLAN)

2013 "Picaresque" (neji)

2013 "Sunshine Baby Remixes" (Booty Tune)

2013 "Maiden Voyage" (neji)

2014 "frEEwheelinf" (neji)

2014 "AtoZ!!!2" (Nu NuLAX NuLAN)

2014 "The Shipboard Gardener: music for Listening Room at UNYAZI Festival 2014" (neji)

2014 "Rob A Grave Vol.1" (neji)

2014 "Rob A Grave Vol.2" (neji)

2015 "El Día Que Me Quieras" (neji)

2015 "Faucet Zero" (neji)

2015 "The Ship with No Cargo: Variations of "The Shipboard Gardener" for Voice and Words" (neji)

2015 "Their Satanic Majesties Sweet Disco Request" (neji)



2002 "Piss Off@EP"(Chakra Smile!)

2004 "Punusunuc, remix" (Sonore)

2004 "Jag Meemee EP"([ph]uturistic-beatz)

2006 "Pope ep"(Vaatican Records)

2006 ".aiff Skull ep" (Vivo Records)

2007 "remix by ugh ep" (Vaativan Records)

2007 "Custom Drum Destroyer ep" (

2009 "Closer ep" (neji)

2010 "Tennnojizoo ep" (neji)

2010 "Kesalan Patharan ep" (UpItUp!)

2011 "Wipeout ep" (neji)

2011 "Nuclear ep" (neji)

2011 "Remake ep" (neji)

2012 "Hellasick ep" (Booty Tune)

2012 "7'inches or morec ep" (neji)

2012 "Salò o le 160bpm di Sodoma ep" (neji)

2012 "yudamen ep" (neji)

2013 "Osaru no ep" (neji)

2013 "Clover ep" (neji)

2013 "Omiyage ep" (neji)

2014 "frEE ep" (JUKE underground)

2014 "Pee eWy Tee e e.p." (neji)

2014 "nejirinbou EP" (Dynasty Shit)

2015 "Snack e.p." (neji)

2015 "Brushed e.p." (neji)

2015 "Calling e.p." (neji)

2015 "Osaka Juke Order Vol.666" (neji)

2016 "opinion e.p." (neji)






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