>>Jan-2006 – Sonore, France
Dag Shen Ma hDag Shen Mah (neji)
A welcome addition to the Neji CD-R catalogue by the Satanicpornocultshop alumni Dag Shen Ma. Electronics wizard Dag goes a much more subdued way with his sound trickery on this solo release than the Satapo collective did on recordings such as Anorexia Gas Balloon and Zap Memees : although some of the clunky ghosthouse atmosphere of these records remains, the proceedings here are much barer - Dag Shen Ma toys around with but a few sounds on a dozen tracks that are slowly stripped of their agitation but gain in depth along the way; the second half of the record being without doubt much more satisfying. This final half-dozen disintegrated loopworks are something that Satapo aficionados will want to check out. (Luc Meyer)

>>Jan-2006 – Sonore, France
Satanicpornocultshop h Music for Meu-Meufs Puppet Showh (neji)
No idea what Satanicpornocultshop affiliate Meu-Meufs puppet show really was about, or if it even really was: nevertheless it landed a truly excellent 25-minute soundwork coup courtesy of the Osaka collective. Raising Capital eschews beats for the whole of its duration, focusing instead on natural timbres. Western and Asian strings, a whole lot of percussion, metallic droning backdrops, all given much more breathing space than in the usually over-clustered Satapo soundworld. Here and there bringing to mind John Zornfs more esoteric soundtrack works, this piece has far enough Indonesian occult rites and creepy circus music to make one shiver – puppet show or not, therefs definitely some dark power pulling strings here. (Luc Meyer)

>>Jan-2006 – Sonore, France
Eto Band hMattsurih (neji)
Wander around the Internet and you may come across the Eto Band, 156th Infantry Band, stationed in London during WWII, later sent to the Potsdam Conference to provide musical entertainment. No doubt our Eto here is another bunch – its hard to imagine Stalin, Attlee and Truman shaking it (or even nodding) to any of the clumsy blitz-tracks of Matsuri. Not exactly marching in order, most of them (grand total of 60!) are less-than-a-minute sonic vistas of pounding drums, sparse strumming and howling, embryonic grooves - and display an ideal balance of good ideas and nonsense. Think Chadbourne, think This Heat, think your kids with a 4-track. Worthless or priceless, depending on where you stand – right now or the minute after. (Luc Meyer)

>>Jan-2006 – Sonore, France
Eto Band hEtouh (neji)
The Eto Band reveling in its proto-rock micro-world, keeping the format tighter than on the sprawling Matsuric not to say that the songs got any shorter, which would have been quite a feat since wefre speaking of 60-second musical spasms: but therefs a mere 13 of them here, making Bando a more digestible affair, albeit an ultimately less absorbing one. (Luc Meyer)

>>Jan-2006 – Sonore, France
Eto Band VA h Shock vs Crime!!! Eto Band Remixesh (neji)
The Eto Bandfs spastic workouts get the remix treatment on this CD-R compilation, getting most of the extended Satanicpornocultshop galaxy to take care of their micro-ditties. Unsurprisingly, songs get longer and groovier, with some nasty, noisy shitstorms framing a collection of genre exercises in sleazy dance music. Good fun for the disco masses, although prior knowledge of Etofs Matsuri or Eto Bando is a prerequisite – or you may end up thinking gCrime, Knife, Gun, Thanxxx!!!h really was a worldwide hit. (Luc Meyer)

>>Jan-2006 – Sonore, France
VA h Nippon Gueva Guevah (neji)
Another strange affair coming from Satanicpornocultshopfs CD imprint, this compilation offers a broader and even more confusing panorama of the Osaka-based collectivefs network. Therefs not-even-so-leftfield J-rock, buzzing electronics, scratched-out punkrock, pachinko drum nf bass, your monthly share of enka and plenty more wonderful things to grab on this 15-track, 60-minute CD, making it a great introduction to the Negi and Satapo worlds or another great treat for fans. Featuring Ugh, Dag Shen Ma, the Eto Bando, Orionza, With The Leazents, Gab, and many others. (Luc Meyer)


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