>>Mar-2011 – Wakesidevision
Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
Itfs difficult to describe what Satanicpornocultshop are. They play a mixture of electronica, math-rock, noise rock, and just plain experimental music. The album released in 2010 and I didnft know what to expect and Ifm still not sure how to accurately explain what someone might hear.

Itfs a big mixture of different genres into strangely mesmerizing songs. The fifteen track album goes in many directions. I have to say the band is more for the experimental listener rather than someone wanting to hear a decisive type of music. Though I do think that those who are looking for something very different will find it with Satanicpornocultshop.

>>Dec-2010 – Buckminstahfs New Kids on The Blog

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
21 DISCOS DE 2010 gTan dulce como la vieja miel favoritah, eso es lo que significa –en griego- el nombre del 10mo. y más reciente disco de este cuarteto de Osaka. Un título casi impronunciable que hace juego con su música inclasificable; un collage de breakcore, hip-hop, IDM, rock, drum & bass y pop, que juntos, generan una extraña atmósfera bajo la cual se entrelazan momentos de delirio experimental -2 More Heads_Sprouted!, Custom Drum Destroyer, 9 Headed Monster- con canciones más gentilmente radiables –Next Yearfs Snow, Kanariya, Nido- y versiones satanicpornocultshopizadas, como la aquí titulada Feed Me W) Ur Kiss de My Bloody Valentine y Get Your Freak On de Missy Elliot, bautizada en este disco como Pinky. Hiperactividad, serenidad y disparatadas referencias musicales resumidas en 15 tracks.

>>Dec-2010 – Ragged, UK

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
Satanicpornocultshop's "Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos" was chosen as 80th place on The Ragged Words 100, Albums Of 2010
The Ragged Words 100

>>Sept-2010 – Music in yer bed

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
Having had a period in my life where I was absolutely crazy for any music from Japan and having passed through that period, I really am not crazy about mainstream music from Japan. Not that there's anything wrong with it in particular, it just seems so fake and whatever-the-opposite-of-minimalistic-is to me. Often there will be a band that strikes my fancy as passing these limitations however, and Satanicpornocultshop is certainly one of them. The album comes off as being extremely frenetic. It's very hard to pin a genre on the album, but most of it is unified by being electronic. Various different genres of electronic mind you, but electronic nonetheless. I really don't know what else to say about this album other than that it's original, a fun listen, and that you should check it out.

>>Sept-2010 – Genre Whiplash

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
I've also decided to use this assignment as an excuse to actually start a music blog.

Anyway, this is the hands down best album I've listened to in 2010. Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos honestly can only be described as miscellaneous sounds, melodies, whole songs and noise all thrown into a blender (relation to blender lid not intentional), throwing it together in a recording and serving the result on a full length album. Even the album cover is representative of this, as an unnatural mashup of various women, symbols, miscellaneous objects and hair, yet still holding the general form of a person, though distorted and definitely no longer fitting the standard definition of beauty. Much like Satanicpornocultshop's covers of the popular songs on the album.

And it works.

The opening track, "New Years' Snow", is still very much a beautiful ambient pop melody with feathery vocals and a sparse piano accompaniment, while the next track (R.I.P) Tide jumps straight into a relaxed, almost Caribbean resort feel with its guitar samples and sprinkles of odd sound samples throughout, as the same vocalist covers Missy Elliot's Get Your Freak On on top of the instrumentation. Satanicpornocultshop's propensity for taking popular hits of a range of different genres, such as the aforementioned Get Your Freak On (which also later reappears in the track Pinky), and covering them in such a way that though they are still easily recognizable, take on a life of their own within the album, and again work perfectly together, from My Bloody Valentine's shoegazey Feed Me with Your Kiss to Kaci's pop hit Paradise or even Francoise Hardy's 70s hit Comment Te Dire Adieu?. In addition to all this genre hopping, the album also has some genuine experimental as-far-away-from-pop-as-you-could-possibly-get moments, such as on 2 More Heads_Sprouted!, Custom Drum Destroyer and 9 Headed Monster, which are scattered throughout the album between the more accessible hits. Still, each track seems to flows seamlessly into the next, only tied together by Satanicpornocultshop's eccentric samples and electronic foundation, and yet they all work to form a complete and near perfect album as a whole.

>>Dec-2010 – Ragged, UK

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
Anyone who refuses to join in the fun and swap lists of their favourite albums of the year runs the risk of missing out on a record like Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos. Itfs a name that few of us Ragged Worders were familiar with before Tim Ferguson introduced us all to Osakafs Satanicpornocultshop. With the kind of work-rate that would make Thomas Edison blush, the inventive experimental hip-hop quartet treated 2010 to three other releases besides this, but Arkhaiomec is the pick of them for sure. Check out e(R.I.P.) Tidef – the bandfs staggering take on Missy Elliottfs eGet Ur Freak Onf – for starters, and we promise youfll be hooked.(Padraic Halpin)

>>Oct-2010 – weirdbrother

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
As deranged, diverse and compelling as cover and title would suggest. Band hail from Osaka, though this is incidental to their defining achievement: a multiplicity of sound layers pierced by one single breakcore beat making for a destabilisng futuristic hip hop attack, alternating with fried folkery in the female Fursaxa vein.

Accordingly, opener Next Year's Snow lovingly mimics Vashti Bunyan to the point of pastiche. Only gentle glitches give warning of cut-up madness to come. Next up, (R.I.P.) Tide, a psychedelicised mash up of Pentangle's Light Flight, in which we are invited to get our  collective freak on, repeatedly. Saddam Fed Bird While Jailed ups the ante on beats and samples and ushers in Stanley knife mayhem of next two tracks, slashing, ripping and pasting multifarious field recordings, riffs and songs and shaping them into howling beast beat  monsters. A light and dark pattern emerges as the acid-fried harmonium chill returns with the respite of Glaneurs and Diamond Day hip hop of Pinky (the latter with further exhortations to get our freak on - a given by this point). Thence the breakcore-tastic Custom Drum Destroyer delivers on its title: wholesale lo-fi sample of No Fun mid-way through is nothing short of sublime. Left-handed Darling is twisted J-Pop. 9 Headed Monster begins by asking: "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" - a leitmotif for all this light and dark dialectic bethinks y brawd. So thick and furious are the subsequent breaks that the answer has to be "dazed and confused witch, thank you very much". Things then tail off into pleasing mellowness: a stab at 80s pop with Paradise; more Vashti / Fursaxa shenanigans on Kanariya; Margo Guryan over easy on Nido; a reprise of Next Year's Snow; to finish, a mad big beat electro-debris cover of Francoise Hardy's unassailable Comment Te Dire Adieu.

Easy then to understand criticism from some quarters aimed at the lack of full on breakcore onslaught with this release. However, to these ears the leavening of beats and samples with female oriented chilled out pop and free folkery work their magic. Proving perhaps that nothing is ever entirely black and white.

Oddi wrth y brawd

>>Oct-2010 – extravaganza!, cl

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
Satanicpornocultshop es un grupo de Osaka, Japón, que difícilmente puede ser clasificable. Por eso, hablar de todos los estilos asociados a lo experimental, para referirse a ellos, es una referencia obligada. Interpretan canciones que van desde lo más suave y armónico del hip-hop, pasando por toques brasileños que a veces recuerdan a Smoke City, hasta alcanzar bizarros jugueteos con el drum and bass. También suenan como si Squarepusher sintiera ganas de rozar el death metal. Así de radicales son las melodías que estos nipones bajan del cielo al infierno y viceversa, según como se quiera ver. Un álbum muy intenso con canciones que parecen mixtapes y muchos sampleos de instrumentos análogos. Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos es uno de esos discos para abrir mentes.

Martín Manríquez Bravo

>>July-2010 – www.nowamuzyka, pl

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
Trzy niezgorsze grosze dorzucone przez Japończyków do tegorocznegotrudnego popuh

Chartsy jakoś w tym roku leżą, cały pop rozgrabili między siebie wyluzowani czarni (Bundick, The-Dream, José James) i białasy, życie utrudniające sobie i słuchaczom (Crystal Castles, Sleigh Bells). Skośnoocy dorzucają swoje trzy grosze, żerując gdzieś pośrodku. Pierwszy kontakt. Nazwa. Tytuł. Wow, dziecinada, lecz jednak. Bio. Nagrody. Na europejskich festiwalach. A z Japonii. Wydawanie w polskim Vivo. Fragmenty sprzedawane włoskim magazynom mody. Zachłyśnięcie słoną wodą. Płyta roku. W środku było wszystko. Prześmiewczy cover (?!) My Bloody Valentine – „Feed Me W) Ur Kissh. Zgodna triada pierwszych zrelaksowanych utworów miksująca Stereolab z Life Without Buildings i znowu ze Stereolab w wersji podjętej przez Lætitię Sadier pod nickiem Monade. Chwilę potem potężne break-core'y jak spuszczone z powrozów wojenne brytany o zbyt wielu głowach („2 More Heads Sproutedh i inne, na których tytuły, mimo że oswajam się z płytą od maja, nie miałem siły spojrzeć, sory). Przepiękna french-ballada zagubiona w środku galimatiasu („Paradiseh) – mogłaby wziąć Lily Allen, po paru szlifach może i Uffie. Dziwny

0_ohip-hop z zabawkami rapującymi z przypadku, jakby Books tu byli. Hiperszybkie roszady estetyk, gatunków, konwencji. Chleb powszedni, jeśli odtrącić inicjalny szok.

Podobno u podstaw projektu legła koncepcja brikolażu czy polistylizmuszokującego zestawiania fragmentów czerpanych ze skrajnie odległych od siebie stylów. Wiarygodna geneza, nawet po przesłuchaniu tylko (używam ctrl+v żeby to przytoczyć) „Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (po grecku oznacza to rzekomosłodkie jak stary ukochany miódh). Po przedarciu się przez cztery inne ich płyty, dobiłem do klipu live. Występowali w kominiarkach z wyszytymi kaoanisymbolkami emocji znanymi z anime. Zażenowani przejawami kultu, zamaskowani samplerzy parodiują wielkich (na „.aiff Skullh EP masakrują gwiazdy od MC Hammera w „U Can't Touch Thish po Jacko). Widocznie bawi ich jednak także manipulowanie odbiorcą, bo usypiają czujność budzącymi zaufanie dreampopowymi piosenkami, by po chwili zdziesiątkować bastiony wytrwałości skomasowaną salwą agresywnych brikolaży. Dokładna analogia: ciemny pokój, pierwszy Quake, głośniki na maxa. Łamiesz glejt, który na parę sekund robi cię nieśmiertelnym i starasz się jak najszybciej rozjebywać wszystko

^_^ wokół póki nie może oddać. Sekundy tykają, pociski znikają, odnajdujesz się z samą siekierą tuż pod nosem tego rażącego prądem białego potwora, już śmiertelny!!!1!!

Kiedy w końcu rozbłyskujeParadiseh mózg jest odrętwiały, jałowy. Rzetelny zjazd. Fanatyczne przywiązanie do eklektyzmu, obsesja kręcenia mash-upów nawet z krzyżówek field-rec + rockowy jam łamiący Dandy Warhols z Nirvaną + „Gra w klasyh kartkowana na opuszczonym densflorzestrob nadal rzuca cętki wielobarwnych świateł, leżysz na brzuchu, przerzucasz strony, machasz nogami. Grzeczna dziewczynka w centrum wzór-scenerii dla rozlewu krwi kataną. Można sobie dla uspokojenia nerwów powtórzyć: było. W tym roku np. podobnie wypada ciekawa płyta „Caveman Smackh Dem Hungera, czerpią Japończycy obficie z Girl Talk, Go!Team, Avalanches, kreśląc nawet punkty styczne z Olivia Tremor Control (podobny przerost jak na „Black Foliage, Animation Musich). Ale intensywność doznania jest tu kluczem. W swojej niszy, Satanicpornocultshop jest repliką brutalnie awangardowych projektów typu OLAibiwymykający się ocenie quest dający odważnemu odbiorcy okazję do zdobycia kilku punktów exp. extra. Na pewno nie coś, co prowadzi do słuchania zespołu

x_x/projektu/solisty, muzyki. Trzymając się zasugerowanej tytułem płyty greki: hýpage sataná! Uwalniam się od balastu, który zbyt długo był zbyt trudny do opisania. (Filip Szałasek)

>>July-2010 – Gimme Indie Rock!, UK

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
Bonjour, guten tag, aloha, konnichi wa, nook-neck (thatfs Klingon) and finally hello! Welcome to this exciting and enlightening new column; a global exposition taking in all of Earthfs four corners searching for and unearthing the best in underground, alternative, weird and wonderful music. Think of me as a kind of sexy explorer and educator; music journalismfs equivalent to Indiana Jones, or Dora the Explorer.

For our first stop on this world tour of musicfs criminally under-exposed, wefre heading to the Far East – Japan to be precise, and Osaka if you want to be even more precise. The group in question are a beat-pilfering mash-up collective, the incomparable, inexplicable, Satanicpornocultshop.

Now, a name like that might come loaded with a few preconceptions, causing a few words to pop into your brain: weird, noisy, abrasive – probably some sort of death metal band, you might think. Well Satanicpornocultshop is all of these things, and none of them. Well, except weird. They are most definitely a bit weird.

Formed in 1997 by the duo of Alan Folkroe and Ghammehuche (not their real names, I suspect) Satanicpornocultshop operate according to Levi Straussfs concept of bricolage – making creative use of whatever materials are at hand. Mashing up samples, in laymanfs terms. While they are most often referred to as a hip-hop act, their style is actually spread pretty liberally across many genres; incorporating J-pop, drum & bass, balladry, metal, electro, folk, bhangra, indie and everything in-between.

They released their debut album, 'Nirvana or Lunch?' on their own Nu Nulax Nulan label in 1998, quickly followed by their third album 'Baltimore 72' in 1999, which was released before their second album 'Belle E

xcentrique', which arrived the following year. Confusingly.

In 2001, Folkroe left the group and Ghammehuche brought in four new members to replace him, with even stranger names – Meu-Meu, *es, Vinylman and Ugh (who provides much of the MCing to be found in SPCSfs output, along with a plethora of electronic tinkerings). This was the line-up for fourth album, 2002fs 'Ugh Yoing', once again a self-released effort.

Since then, the group have released six more albums on various labels around the world (including two this year – the unpronounceable 'Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos 'on UK label Some Bizarre and 'Catholic Sunspot Apron', once again on their own Nu Nulax Nulan) as well as various EPs and appearances on numerous compilations, including Wire magazinefs 'Wire Tapper 10'. The band has also lost and gained members, losing Meu-Meu and Ghammehuche, but gaining vocalist Lisa, MC Frozen Pine and keyboardist Nakagawa aka Liftman.

In the thirteen years and ten albums that Satanicpornocultshop has existed, the bandfs method and sound has become both more expansive and increasingly refined, with their more recent records mixing their weirder elements almost seamlessly with their more accessible pop melodies. Across their discography, many songs pop up more than once in different forms – remixed, re-jigged, or just smashed to pieces and put together in a completely new order.

One of the most notable aspects of SPCSfs output is their propensity to cover popular western hits – from classics like the Velvet Undergroundfs eCandy Saysf, throw-away one-hit wonders like eParadisef by forgotten early-noughties popster Kaci Battaglia (although according to Wikipedia shefs releasing her fourth album this year!!?!?!?!) to probably one of my favourite ever cover versions; their faultless interpretation of Missy Elliottfs eGet Your Freak Onf (renamed ePinkyf in this incarnation).

Satanicpornocultshopfs music is probably most easily interpreted by looking at their album artwork – their record covers most commonly feature portraits of beautiful women, which have been photoshopped, added to and subtracted from to create hideous and disturbing collage monsters. Their covers are at once striking, unusual, beautiful and frightening, and thatfs probably as close a comparison as you could get to their sound.

Take the frankly brilliant 'Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos' for example; tracks like eSaddam Fed Bird While Jailedf, eNidof and eComment Te Dire Adieu?f could conceivably cross over to a mainstream audience (Well, the more experimental side of the mainstream anyway), while the weird electronic mind-fudge of tracks like eCustom Drum Destroyerf, e9 Headed Monsterf and e2 More Heads Sprouted!f are about as far removed from the mainstream as itfs possible to get – but somehow these disparate styles come together on this album and not only work together, but compliment each other.

Somehow, this record works; from start to finish, as one whole piece, it all fits together. Just as the girl on the cover – who seems to be 90% hair, 7% animal and 3% actual woman – remains a recognizable and understandable form despite heavy manipulation, so this music works despite being sent through an electronic blender, stamped into a paste with a hip-hop boot and thrown against a wall to see what sticks.

Satanicpornocultshop is a rare gem, given time to grow and develop into the most glorious, glistening crystal, reading and waiting for your admiration. A good selection of their work is available easily on iTunes, otherwise you can order directly from their website at Bon appetit! (Jamie Rowland)

>>July-2010 –

Satanicpornocultshop gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (Some Bizzare)
gArkhaiomelisidonophunikheratosh (2010). Another stunningly refreshing album by Satanicpornocultshop. I was introduced to this collective from Osaka a couple years ago and instantly fell in love with their quirky and eclectic electronica. A few years and multiple albums later, theyfve produced this a more laid back body of work that completely ownsc

gPuzzling, destabilizing and futuristic hip-hop. One of the main features of this band is that they make music gush from the most arid field recording session. Give a Stanley knife or a red-bear shaped lighter to Ugh, and hefll make it swing in a snap. Ugh is a real human sampler, a junk sound edit virtuoso. And that is undoubtedly Satanicpornocultshop main strength. Just ad to that an immense musical culture, a taste for ultimate groove and pop music satire, and you will have a pretty good idea of what makes that band so uniqueh - The Gene Pool (Tim Ferguson)


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